"These are the my CAD tools I use":

Solidworks 2016 for mechanical design & DesignSpark PCB for electrical design

"So, what can I do for you?"

  • Do you have an overloaded Engineering & Design office?
  • Do you require a Design and Engineering office on occasion but you don't want the support cost?
  • Do you have a requirement for an Interconnect PCB? 
  • Do you need a simple sheetmetal or machined bracket ?
  • Do you  just want to convey your idea and have the finished part delivered?
  • Do you  need a complete product designed or somewhere in between?

Always  happy to discuss your needs!

FREE eDrawings Viewer from Solidworks

If you don't own a Solidworks license. Here is a popular tool that is Free. It can be used to view Solidworks Models on your PC or mobile device.

This is a great way to review the progress of your design through all stages and eliminate any surprises at the end!   

Working On-Site or Off-Site

On-Site: Great to interact with other Designers and Engineers, however geography plays a roll here.

Off-Site: With communication tools available today, working remotely offers great flexibility with respect to  location. There are now many more skilled workers available essentially upon demand.